Buffy V

Buffy's back, once again, and we're delighted that she is!

This video might as well be subtitled "Viewers' Choice IV". All the scenes have sprung from the fertile minds of our viewers and we even managed to combine two or three requests in some scenes.

We're not sure whether there are as many smoking fetishists around as there are enema fetishists, but if there aren't, they're certainly more vocal. We've received no less than four requests for more of Buffy smoking, after she took a puff with Sabrina.

A little amber latex play with a smoke, then she filled the bag, herself, with Ivory soapsuds.

The Collector made sure to get lots of pics of BuffyButt while the water heated up.

Buffy had never smoked during an enema before. The fact that smoking sometimes causes peristalsis entered the scene about halfway through the bag.

"OK, let's continue!"

Puckering up so she doesn't spill a drop.

She celebrated finishing the bag (and look at that distension) by taking a smoke to the toilet.

But mostly, what came out was a lot of clear water, like this. Perplexing.

More-perplexing yet was a sudden electrical storm which shut down production for the day.

A new day a week later and a tight little black dress. Heels for you shoe fetishists. And a new buttload of castile soap,instead of Ivory, this time.

"Let 'er gush!" <click>

Buffy performed an erotic chair dance while she filled up.

There was plenty gurgling around in Buffy by the time she finished the bag.

And, uh-oh, better leave the heels at the door for this scene!

Now, mind you, this is the field of view you'll get on the DVD when Buffy goes, "Bombs away!". We just can't show you the bombs on a public webpage.

And after the bombs fulfilled viewers' strident requests for another expulsionscene, Buffy couldn't go anymore, so we waited - a while - for the sludge to come oozing down Buffy's colon. Then we had Buffy fulfill a second request for positioning herself precisely during the expulsion. The faint-of-heart should fast forward to Scene 2. A shower was necessary as part of the cleanup.

Sea Salt and a repeat by request of Buffy's stand-up enema, only with larger volume.

Some girls (notably Sabrina) haven't been able to hold the nozzle in like this. Buffy's got a vice grip on the thing!

And, yes, ma'am, this one's definitely bigger than the last time you did this.

"OMG! Finally!"

"Would you LOOK at this?"

And it was "OMG" again as it all gushed out, seemingly, at once.

"Same bag, once more? On my back? Can I play? Sure!"

That really is kind of a fat bag.

We love the way Buffy gets goosebumps as soon as she starts the flow.

More classic lines than a '57 Chevy!

Oh, yes, and someone asked, "Why doesn't Buffy ever show her tits?"

Answer: "Nobody asked before; I thought these fellas were only insterested in my butt!"

Then there's that little smile she gets when she finishes the bag before she finishes herself.

It took three enemas in a row, but by the time she got off the toilet, she was finally empty.

And she sings, "Now, that's a good cleanout!"

Time: 58 minutes

Price: $60.00

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